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Major Science Ms-Nrc-30, Ms Reciprocal Shaker W/ 300 X 300Mm Platform

Major Science, MS-NRC-30, MS Reciprocal Shaker with 300 x 300mm Platform, 110V /220V Three different shaking motions of MS Shaker series is provided for many general purpose shaking application in chemical and life sciences laboratories

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33lb 15kg loading capacity for MS-NRC-30 Special anti-moisture coating allows smooth operation in cold room environment or CO2 incubation

All three models provides continuous or timed operation with integral electronic timer, LED display, audible signal for automatic switch-off timed control, interchangeable/stacking platforms

Features Continuous one way orbital shaking or two ways clockwise/ counter-clockwise orbital shaking Continuous or timed operation with auto shut-off Variable shaking speed up to 200rpm for MS-NOR-30 Max

Reciprocal shaker can hold up to 15kg of weight whereas rocking and orbital shaker can hold up to 10kg orbital and 8kg rocking , respectively

The Orbital Shaker digitally controls clockwise and/or counter-clockwise orbits to create superb mixing efficiency

The Reciprocal Shaker features a horizontal left to right linear action to provide gentle to vigorous shaking motion

The Rocking Shaker provides a quot 12-degree quot tilted angle rocking motion for variety of applications